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VENUE: KINANGO SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, DEAF CENTRE KWALE. Date: 25th and 26th October, 2023 WEDNESDAY 25TH OCTOBER 2023 At around 0900hrs Mr. Anne, Mr. Kidanga and Ms. Mercy started their journey to Kinango School for the deaf; we arrived there at 1030hrs and were warmly received by Mr. Joseph and some of the teachers in [...]

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SPAT training week 3 Deaf centre – Kwale

SPAT TRAINING WEEK THREELOCATION: DEAF CENTRE – KWALEDATE: 7TH TO 11TH AUGUST 2023 Monday 7th August 2023. All the teams assembled and our meeting kicked off at 00900hrs. Mr. Anne took the day’s program by introducing at least 12 circus games. He taught the teams and later on they practiced what they had learnt. We [...]

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SPAT training week 2 Kwale – Kenya

THE SPAT TRAINING PROGRAMLOCATION:  THE DEAF CENTRE IN KWALE – KENYADATE: 19TH – 23RD JUNE 2023. SPAT is a program that involves training the deaf youths to become sports instructors. SPAT stands for Sport and Physical Activity Trainee. This program helps them in different ways as stated below: To discover their potential and abilities in [...]

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SPAT training week 1 Kwale – Kenya

SPAT TRAINING WEEK TWOLOCATION: DEAF CENTRE KWALE – KENYADATE: 10TH TO 14TH JULY 2023 Monday 10th  July 2023 All the teams met at 1000hrs at the Deaf Center. The teams were welcomed back by Mr. Anne, there were also three new members who joined the team, and Anne took the initiative of putting them to [...]

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Circus Hannes in Lalibela, Ethiopië

Circus Hannes verzorgde een nieuwe training voor het SPAT-team in Ethiopië. De training nam enkele dagen in beslag. De training met nieuwe ideeën en nieuwe activiteiten uit ons instructieboek vormde tevens een mooie basis om uitvoering te geven aan een ‘after-school’  activity in Lalibela in Noord Ethiopië; het Tigray gebied waar recent een burgeroorlog woedde. [...]

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