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Date: 25th and 26th October, 2023


At around 0900hrs Mr. Anne, Mr. Kidanga and Ms. Mercy started their journey to Kinango School for the deaf; we arrived there at 1030hrs and were warmly received by Mr. Joseph and some of the teachers in the school. The main aim of the visit was to see how the team was doing and bring them games and circus materials that Mr. Anne had brought with him from the Netherlands. He also wanted to visit the schools that the trainees go to for the spat program, meet up with the school’s head and the teacher in charge of games.

Most of the schools had closed for the Christmas holidays, only the students preparing for their national examinations were there. We were able to meet the school heads of both schools that is Kinango School for the Deaf, Kinango Primary School and St. Joseph primary School.

Below are images showing the schools we conduct our SPAT program from in Kinango Sub County:

 1 2 3 4 

Upon meeting with them, we introduced ourselves and asked them about the program for the short period that it had been running. We got very positive responses from the school heads and the games teachers, they are very happy with the program, one positive response was that now some teachers and students can learn a bit of sign language.

Later on we had a short meeting with the trainees; Mr. Anne explained to them what he expects from them, teamwork, cooperation and hard work. He made it very clear to them that they were on training, they should not expect to get any payments during this period, they were encouraged to do their best because next year around June they will be examined and afterwards given a certificate.

Image showing some of the materials Mr. Anne brought with him for Kinango SPAT team and others borrowed from SPAT team Kwale.



On this day we met with the spat trainees from Kwale at 1500hrs, we also wanted to get a review from them concerning their experience since the last training. Mr. Anne insisted again on teamwork, cooperation and hard work. He also made it clear to them that they were on training and should not expect any payment. They were also told that there would be an exam the following year in June; afterwards they would be given certificates.

Both teams from Kinango and Kwale were asked to be making a short report on a weekly basis every, send it to Ms.  Mercy for editing later it will be sent to Mr. Anne for the website, it will also help in monitoring them. Only one school will be featured in a week.

The team asked if they would get some additional materials, some of the materials were not enough when they go out to the fields; there were also two of the materials that needed fixing Mr. Anne took them with him. So far, the team is happy with the program and promised to do their best and improve on their weak areas.