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SPAT training week 3 Deaf centre – Kwale


Monday 7th August 2023.

All the teams assembled and our meeting kicked off at 00900hrs. Mr. Anne took the day’s program by introducing at least 12 circus games. He taught the teams and later on they practiced what they had learnt. We were also joined by Mr. Flores who is Mr. Anne’s son, he really helped out a lot in teaching one of the games “the diabolo”.

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Tuesday 8th August 2023

The training started at around 0930hrs, Mr. Anne started by congratulating the teams of how excellent they had performed the previous day and also in the past two training sessions. Being the last week of training, the new students were given the mandate to take on the remaining programs with the help of the older members.

The first team were students from Kinango, they chose to do circus games. At Kinarini School there were quite a number of mistakes that were noticed by Mr. Kidanga and Mr. Anne too.

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Wednesday 9th August

In the program they was no school to be visited since they had closed so the morning session was used to do some evaluation from the previous day’s sports. Mr. Kidanga took on the session correcting some of the mistakes they had come across then Mr., Anne wrapped up. The teams then used the remaining part of the day to prepare for the next day’s training which was to be done at Kinarini School.

This time the teams grouped themselves into a group of six because the number of students was quite high and this enabled the new students to all get involved in running the day’s program.

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Thursday 10th August

By 0900hrs all the teams were at Kinarini school prepared and started the games. On this day all the teams did an exemplary job from the organization of the children, grouping them and later on playing. At 1030hrs the team headed back to the Deaf Centre, Mr. Kidanga and Anne were very pleased with the cooperation and teamwork, they commended the teams for that.

In the afternoon at 1400hrs the SPAT team together with other deaf members from the Deaf Centre had a team building day at the Jumbo Hilltop Lodge, they had fun, they enjoyed swimming and drinks.

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Friday 11th August

Since there was no school to go to, SPAT team had a final meeting. The Kinango team were asked to prepare their games in advance then they will be sharing some of the materials with kwale team as Mr. Anne organizes on how he can get materials for team Kinango. Mr. Anne and Ms. Mercy also discussed and saw it fit for Mr. Kidanga to be visiting the Kinango team at least twice in a month and evaluate their progress i.e. the first week of the month and the last week of the month.

The program has been of great help to the deaf youths, they have learnt new skills and also identified new talents that they have.  Mr. Kidanga an old SPAT member has been of great help especially to the new trainees from Kinango, two of the trainees have really improved under his guidance.