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TIME: 0900HRS TO 1600HRS

SPAT training: onder verantwoordelijkheid van Circus Hannes i.s.m. studenten Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen (HAN)

The after-school sports activities that was organized by the spat team both from Kwale and Kinango with the help of Dutch volunteers will be running for two weeks but for only three days in a week that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

15th April 2024 – Kinarini Primary School

The day was a success. We started at 0900hrs, we got around 62 students and two teachers. When they arrived we had a warm up dance for around 30 minutes then we divided the students into four group. Each game was running for 40 minutes. Lunch break was from 1245hrs to 1345hrs. we finished the program at 1430hrs but before leaving they again had a dance with the spat team led by June.

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17th April 2024 – Ziwani Primary School

The day was a success. We started at 00900hrs and finished at 1500hrs, in between we had 2 breaks, one of 15 minutes to relax and the other an hour for lunch. We got around 45 students, repeated the same games that we did with Kinarini school. We all had fun.


19th April 2024 – Henny’s School

We started the program a bit late due to the weather. On this day we did not only get students from the school but we also invited children from Henny’s Orphanage. The number was quite big because we got around 65 students. All the activities went on well as planned. The program ended at around 1530hrs. 

22nd April 2024 – Kinarini Primary School

On this day we had Kinarini school but they were students from a different grade so the games played were the same. The activities went on well.



24th April 2024 – Ziwani Primary School

The started on very well. The team had prepared different activities from the previous one because the students that came for this event were the same students. To make the day more fun spat prepared four different activities and new topics for the sign language class, everyone enjoyed the day.



26th April 2024 – Kwale Mentally School.

The day started quite early because the students had to be picked up by the centres van. By 0730hrs Jackson the driver was on his way to pick the students who came form as far as Ukunda. By 0930hrs all the students were at the Centre, we had prepared some tea for them and at 1000hrs we began our activities. At around 1330hrs we were through with our activities, had lunch, a dance and the students were taken back home.

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The activities went on very well as planned. The SPAT team did an excellent job, they used all the skills that they had learnt all through the training. The children and the teachers also enjoyed their time here.

Kinango team did an exemplary Job especially Mwaka and Amina with the help of their team leader Furaha. Kwale team we have Ngome whose work was quite impressive, Zuma, Marion Fridah and Janet did try too. For the sign language classes we gave the mandate to Nyamvula who is not a SPAT team member to stand in for Emmanuel who was not around. She really did an exemplary job.

By Mercy Heri.