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SPAT training week 1 Kwale – Kenya

DATE: 10TH TO 14TH JULY 2023

Monday 10th  July 2023

All the teams met at 1000hrs at the Deaf Center. The teams were welcomed back by Mr. Anne, there were also three new members who joined the team, and Anne took the initiative of putting them to the other teams. Later the teams chose their different games that is;

- The Caterpillar,

- The Police,

-  The Big Soccer Match and

- Acrobatics

The school they visited this day was Kwale School for the Deaf. All the teams participated very well in giving out the instructions to the students. The students really enjoyed the games chosen.

 spat1spat 2

Tuesday  11th  July 2023

At 1000hrs the teams met yet again to prepare for the day’s activities but before that they did a recap of the previous games before preparing Kinarini School. Each team chose a different game, the games chosen were: -

- Three in a Row,

- Fop Ball,

- Work Out,

- Flower Sticks.

At Kinarini Primary School the number of students given was quite high and the SPAT trainees could not be able to manage but thanks to Kidanga who helped sort out the issue. The teams were well organized, handled the children well and they really enjoyed themselves.

spat3 spat4

Wednesday 12th July 2023

The day started well but the weather was a bit challenging. The teams prepared for Kwale School for the Mentally Handicapped. The games chosen were a bit different because they were especially for the mentally handicapped children. All the teams prepared well for the games but unfortunately they were not able to the school for the practical because of the weather.

spat5 spat6

Thursday 13th July 2023

This day the program started a bit early at 0900hrs because the teams were to play again the games they had chosen the previous day since they had not gone for the practical, within an hour they were all through and at 1000hrs the day’s program started. They prepared for three games and due to this all teams were re-grouped. The games chosen were: – flying ball estafette, ring + pawn game, hula hoop.  The school to be visited was Henny’s Academy. The number of students given were 30, teams were well organized, gave out instructions well and at the end of the session the students really enjoyed themselves.


Friday 14th July 2023

On this day the SPAT team was to go to Ziwani Primary School. Teams chose to play the previous games that they played at Henny’s but one of the group had to choose a new one since the previous games played were only three to make it four, the new game chosen was Rock, Paper Scissor. Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances the games at Ziwani primary School did not take place. Teams were disappointed because they were eager to put their skills in to action but it did not happen.

They are looking forward for the next training session to take place in August.